Premium Chocolate for Professionals

Altınmarka is not only a manufacturing partner to the chocolate and food industry but also supplies chocolate artisans and professional users in the hotel, restaurant and catering business (HORECA) with a large selection of standard products such as chocolate block and coin, as well as chocolate sticks, drops, chunks, splinters, origine chocolate , no – sugar added chocolate, cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Specialty Products

We also offer specialty products for delectable chocolate confectionary, bakery products, ice-cream and dairy products, which include, among others, a wide range of nut-based pralines, waffle creams, ice cream coatings, fillings, chocolate curls, glazing, vermicelli, marzipan paste, chocolate-coated mini crispies, chocolate-coated pistachios, chocolate shells and truffle shells, figured chocolate.

Training Seminars

We organize regular training seminars for chocolate artisans and professionals with the support of local and international chocolate experts. Practical and theoretical training is provided to help improve skills and techniques, while sharing information on new trends and developments in the chocolate industry.