Altınmarka’s seamlessly integrated, high-tech cocoa and chocolate production facilities provide maximum capacity and superb flexibility for standard products as well as highly customized, tailor-made solutions.

Located on a 215,000 square metre site on the outskirts of Istanbul, Altınmarka’s state-of-the-art cocoa factory first became operational in 1994. This was followed in 2005 by the establishment of Altınmarka’s chocolate factory - a fully automated, latest generation facility - creating a vertically integrated, high-tech, high-capacity production system. Our experienced staff ensures that just the right taste, composition, technical properties and workability are achieved to exact specifications across hundreds of different products.

Working with the industry’s most reputable European process technology specialists, best-in-class technology also permits us to provide the most efficient customized and tailor-made solutions - from the blending and roasting of the cocoa bean through to the dosing, mixing, refining, conching and moulding stages - for guaranteed quality to exact specifications.