Quality in chocolate and cocoa products starts with the cocoa bean itself. This is why we take care to buy only the highest quality cocoa beans from Ghana and the Ivory Coast - preferred by all major chocolate producers for the classical, rich cocoa taste these beans provide.

In order to ensure that only the best beans reach our products, Altınmarka only uses direct imports from producer countries. Top quality “main crop” beans from Ghana and the Ivory Coast make up the bulk of our annual imports. We also import a small percentage of beans from, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Madagascar and Cameroon for coloring and taste accents. Our expert buyers make on-site inspections of each crop for such quality-critical factors as ripeness, fermentation, drying and storage quality, thus purchasing each season’s premium produce.

As the world’s second largest producer of industrial chocolate, we are a significant trading partner and an active participant in the local cocoa farming communities especially in Ghana, where we work closely with the local trade and community associations. As such, we are making significant contributions to several social responsibility projects for schooling and retirement programmes to support the sustainable economic and social development of these communities.