Altınmarka’s geographic location, highly developed logistics capabilities and fast internal processes ensure that products reach the end consumer in top quality condition each time.


Product freshness is critical to the taste and quality of any chocolate product. Efficiency and speed in internal processes and logistics can significantly prolong a product’s shelf life. Altınmarka’s delivery fleet includes 75 state-of the-art, heated liquid road tankers special high-tech refrigerated trucks, vans and silobuses. Our plant’s location in Istanbul is ideal for direct overland delivery to most destinations in neighbouring countries and the wider geographic region within a few days. At present, we supply clients in more than 50 countries in the region and beyond as more and more food and chocolate manufacturers discover the concrete benefits of working with Altınmarka.

Our production capacity of 270,000 tons/year, our state-of-the-art production facilities and process flexibility, our family business structure that enhances speedy decision making, our highly experienced staff at all levels all add up to speed and efficiency throughout, allowing most customer orders to be fulfilled within a number of weeks, sometimes even days. Our quality guarantee systems ensure that top quality is preserved throughout all the wrapping, packaging, storage, shipping and logistics stages so that end customers may experience our clients’ products in the best possible quality condition.