Top-Quality Cocoa Beans

At Altınmarka, we take great care to buy only the highest quality cocoa beans from selected producers. The majority of all our bean imports are sourced from “main crop” Ghana and Ivory Coast cocoa, preferred by all major chocolate producers for the classical, rich cocoa taste these beans provide. Every year our expert buyers travel to West Africa to sampling and inspect the crop for such quality-critical factors as ripening, fermentation, drying and storage quality, ensuring the purchase of each season’s premium products.

Fully Automated Production

At Altınmarka, the cocoa production process is fully automated and — as all other subsequent process — in strict compliance with international food safety regulations and quality standards.

Superior Cocoa Products

We provide cocoa mass for use by large-scale chocolate manufacturers, as well as premium-quality cocoa butter and cocoa powder for use by manufacturers as well as professionals users.