Trusted Global Partner

At Altınmarka, we have a clear focus on excelling in our role as a trusted outsourcing/manufacturing partner to all of our customers, and we pride ourselves with a service quality that is second to none. Our clear customer-oriented focus, coupled with a large production capacity, reliable and consistent product quality and in-depth innovation and R&D capabilities, allow us to respond with speed, flexibility and optimal pricing to almost any production request.

Best-in-class Production Facilities

In 2012, Altınmarka was honored with "Europe's Best Cocoa and Chocolate Factory of the Year" award, presented by the European Candy Kettle Club, Europe’s most prestigious chocolate industry association. Our integrated cocoa processing and industrial chocolate production facilities have a combined annual capacity of 270,000 tonnes and are best-in-class in the region.

Chocolate Products for all Needs

Our standard chocolate products include a great number of different recipes, supplied in block, coin or liquid form, as well as chocolate drops, chunks, sticks, splinters, flakes, powders and bake-stable chocolate. We also supply compound in block, coin and liquid form, as well as compound drops, chunks, sticks and bake-stable compound.

Specialty and Customized Products

Our specialty products include a very large offering of delicious nut-based pralines, glazes, waffle creams, spreadable creams as well as various chocolate, nut and fruit fillings. We also produce customized products to our clients’ exact specifications for different taste accents, ingredients, texture, etc., as well as develop new products, improve existing products and advice clients on recipe optimization — all with the help of our experienced R&D staff, high-tech laboratory facilities and pilot production unit.

Superior Customer Service

Whether it’s helping our customers develop exciting new products at our Innovation Center, assisting client teams with specialized training services, or providing sophisticated logistics services — superior customer service is an inseparable part of our quality offer at Altınmarka. Please feel free to contact our sales team for more information or to arrange a meeting.