The chocolate-making process starts with cocoa mass, which is then mixed according to the client’s specific recipe and application with other ingredients. In principle, cocoa mass is mixed with cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder (for milk chocolate), cocoa powder and emulsifiers. For white chocolate only cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder are used.  At Altınmarka, the full process — from the blending of ingredients, to refining and conching is fully automated and computer-controlled to guarantee reliable, perfect results each time. The main processes at this stage are the following:

All dry ingredients, i.e. sugar, milk powder, cocoa powder and other flavour ingredients are mixed and thoroughly combined with the liquid ingredients, according to the re-cipe’s specifications.

The mixture first goes through the pre-refining machine where it is ground smooth.

The mixture then travels through 5-roller cylinders, which press the mixture until it turns from a dough-like consistency to a dry powder.

Conching is a critical process that develops the chocola-te’s flavour through a kneading process that can last from a few hours to several days, depending on the recipe and application and is performed inside high-tech conches. The product goes through three separate conching sta-ges for maximum quality. After conching is completed, the liquid chocolate mass is stored in stain-less steel tanks heated to approx. 45°C for final proces-sing or delivery.